Monday, 4 April 2011

drip-drip-drop little april showers

Ah - spring is here and how it has tickled my fancy and generally got me all staring-out-the-windae, smiling at the flowers and saying a cheery "hello" to every chirping birdie. How I love it so, almost as much as a 39p bunch of Waitrose tulips - bliss indeed!!

Well, I'm no Heather-the-Weather (nor Seán Batty for that matter) but I do predict a little April shower or two to be heading your way. So why not have your heid stylishly prepared for the inevitable with a fetchingly fresh shower cap soon to be drip-drip-dropping into a little tuwhittuwhoo near you! Yes indeedy, the much anticipated Japanese-y fabrics are getting stitched-up and be-photographed and into the shop toot suite. And I have heard it said, they are too cute to keep to your salle de bains!!

In honour of the seasons scattered-showers, I thought I should leave you with one of my favourite little springtime ditties (after that is, the effusive Mr Blackbird and the knock-knock-knocking of my local woodpecker). But not for you just the run-o'-the-mill version of this dear chanson: no, no. I took it upon myself to conduct a gruelling research project and compile a best-version-of-Little-April-Shower-in-a-Foreign-Language chart. (That's more than what the Oscars would give you... but less than Eurovision, perhaps) So without further a-do:

in at number THREE: They won't let me embed-it but it's ICELANDIC:

running-away towards number TWO: say "yay" for GERMAN:

pipped-to-the post by NUMBER ONE: it's SWEEDISH!


  1. Mmm, I love that song! It does make me sing in rather a high-pitched voice though...

  2. It does go a bit high - mind your cocktail glasses now! I always wonder what the folk who sung were wearing - I hope they were in costume!

  3. It's a definite evening-dress number, I reckon :)