Friday, 19 November 2010

wagons west!

I know, I know it's all been a little too quiet on this blogging-front of late but I'm a-workin my lil' fingers to the bone to get my new things ready to take to my first SUPERMERCADO experience next weekend!

Supermercado is the latest indie shopping venture from Made In The Shade, as it's happening every week in the Barras Centre. 

I've heard a lot about the market, well more particularly about the (hopefully) available cakes (please be there, please be there), and the stovies and the HOT DOUGHNUTS! I may need those as I've heard it can be a little chilly in the courtyard which gives me an excuse to wear my sheepskin jacket (Delboy style) but to quote The Made In The Shade blog "the atmosphere is warm".

Fingers crossed I'll be parked up in one of these bonnie barrows (yeeeeee!) and even be singing a little song for you with Daughter Emily as Julias' Daughters are the Barras Buskers for the day!!! 

Can it get any better? Well maybe yes, if I can get around some technical hitches, I might just have some flash new Crimbo decorations to show off!!