Thursday, 31 March 2011

made to orders!

Oh yes we do!!

I was so pleased, to be parcelling-up my first custom tablecloth order the other week, for London Town! I'd been asked if I could make a tablecloth like my blue skies and grey petals picnic tablecloth that would fit a drop-leaf table when used either with one side up or when fully extended. "Sure thing!" I said and got scribbling out a plan...

The gingham fabric I use comes in the narrow, 112 cm measurement so I figured out a nifty way to make it fit the table by neatly machining two deep borders (in a double thickness of fabric) to each long side and hand finishing the hem on the underside. I suggested placing the applique in groups of three on either side with a slightly larger flower in the middle. I didn't expect it but the result was you got to see how this big repeating pattern works with motifs appearing across the three patches. Oh, how I wish I'd bought more of this fabric!

My customer was delighted with her tablecloth and I was so pleased that my long-held idea worked. Phew! Now another thing to add to my ever lengthening list of personal sewing projects is running up one of these babies for me. Perhaps with luck, I'll make it in time for Christmas?!

Another random discovery I made is the availability in some parts of my holy grail: 150 cm wide cotton gingham! Yipee!! The range of colours is somewhat limited but I'm looking forward to experimenting with a much larger square tablecloth in the range sometime soon. Well, almost as soon as the shop comes back from it's holidays... 

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