Wednesday, 23 October 2013

behind the studio door...

I've been organising the Open Studios Weekend for our 'wing' of WASPS which has mostly involved laminating new door signs to my hearts content (fyi: my heart is most content when the laminator is green to go-go). I'm afraid to say the rest of my contribution will be to bravely dust off a few relics in order to decorate my studio. Q: How old is new or how new is old?

I feel like I've been really busy in my studio over the past year and am definitely back in the swing of things (or should that be a cool sachet of the art hips) but apparently I don't yet have a lot to show for it within the physical realm. 

'Slowly, slowly catchy monkey' as they say (or should that be 'softly, softly'?) Anyway do come and see what I've not-done-yet. I'd honestly be highly delighted to see you there. And feel free to feign surprise at seeing something 'OLD' presented as something 'NEW' (rewards for which shall ensue: I'm thinking something between Haribos and Asti Spumante). It's called re-constructed-vintage and it's bang-on trend.