Monday, 13 June 2011

chocolate marshmallow rice crispie pizza cake, anyone?

"So now I'm back, from outerspace! You just walked in to find me here with chocolate-marshmallow-rice-crispie-pizza-cake upon my face!! I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key, if I had known for just one second..."

Oh, well hello there! My apologies for the break in transmission, can it really have been nearly two months? Yowzers. Well the excuse is I've been a busy bee, but instead of dancing to the beat of my own buzzy tune, I've have been hanging out in another hive of activity. Ok perhaps I should turn the disco music off, and stop speaking in riddles. 

So what the hell's that you say?! Well the above cake-ular monstrosity was made several weeks ago for a just-turned-four-year-old. As her Mum was telling me the menu the nearly-4-year-old had requested for her bday tea ("Lollypops, jelly beans, marshmallows, candy floss..." Eh, nothing savoury Rosie? "Yeh, pizza and pom bears.") I had a little idea... 

The Sweetie Pizza, which I admit sounds disgusting but to my own surprise, was really rather nice. I used the favourite crispie treats recipe for the base which I squished into my Le Creuset clafoutis dish (mine's teal and was a Christmas present) to form the pizza base, topped with Nutella (keeping it continental y'know), scattered with Jelly Belly beans (accept no impostors people), yoghurt dipped banana chips (a mozzarella shaped substitute), glacé cherries (could've gone un-sulphured but compositionally, it required something terrifyingly lurid), desiccated coconut (look, I can spell desiccated!) and for an extra bit of protein (although that's not yet been corroborated by medical evidence) Monty Bojangles White Chocolate Mice (if you have never tried them I can vouch for them as both marvellous and minxy).

Of course in order to maintain the illusion it had to come served in a pizza box, generously donated by the Comiston Fry, and was hidden until pudding time, in the oven of the Birthday Girl's brand new toy kitchen. I don't think she ate any pizza cake on the day but her Mum and I put a hefty dent in it and no, we weren't sick on our party frocks.