Wednesday, 23 February 2011

shonky-tonk band

  Heart Like a Wheel by Julias' Daughters

We're barely competent, forget the words, fluff the chords and suffer from the stage frights but never-the-less, me and Emily are a band. We called ourselves Julias' Daughters as both our Ma's were named so.

We did a little demo recording round my house with the vital assistance of the resident musician. One mic was perched a-top the ironing board (which rather pleased me), Emily brought round lovely Falko (Konditormeister) bread for the rider, and I got told to "stand back" and "face the microphone, Ellen" many-a-time. 

This song, Heart Like A Wheel by Anna McGarrigle, first appeared on the self-titled debut album, Kate and Anna McGarrigle (1975). 

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