Tuesday, 22 February 2011

time for a timex...

I'm so pleased. I finally got my new/old watch back! Well, it's really a replacement for my original first-ever-watch which I was still wearing until four years ago when I accidentally got into a swimming pool, on a hotel roof with it still on, shortly before walking into a plate glass door and bursting my nose. The excitement of the whole experience had clearly gone to my head.

Any way, my old watch ceased up and was ir-repairable as, apparently they were never made so's that they could be repaired. Which miffed me cause I'd just been and bought a lovely new red lizard strap for it and all. 

Eventually, I found a replacement on Ebay which arrived the other week with the remains of it's original blue strap still attached. (In my imagination it was probably snipped off the wrist of a poor screaming child after some kind of arm-breaking Raleigh Blue Bird ride... but s'ok they got a digital watch that changed the telly channel after that.) And hey - it works! Plus the fella in Timpson's most obligingly swapped my old/new strap onto my new/old watch after I "put something in the charity-box, eh pal?". Thanks very much!

I can remember my Dad buying me the watch I was about five or six and if my memory serves me right, it was in Marks & Spencer's, Stirling (really? this would seem to predate them selling Mars bars by about 25 years). I was allergic to the plastic strap and didn't wear it much at first but my Mum got me a new one (white leather from Henderson's the Jewellers) after we moved to Dundee - Timex Town. And that's why I think I love my watch so much. Cause it reminds me little bit of home.*

*(albeit, aherm, assembled in the Philippines) 

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