Thursday, 24 February 2011

gimme your wurst!

Don't that look a treat?! 

This was taken a few weeks back when we got some genuine German sausages from the German market and took the opportunity to relive one of the culinary highlights of our Düsseldorf - Berlin trip a few years ago.

The chef insisted that we had to have proper currywurst ketchup to accompany our smoky sausages of goodness-knows-what and cooked up the first recipe in this post - sch-lup! I love the silly spelling of 'catchup' on the second recipe (heheh!) but really - honey? A BAY LEAF? Don't tinker with the trashy food. 

If you are unfamiliar with the joy of a good currywurst it's basically cheap ketchup with curry powder slathered over a chopped up sausage. The German equivalent of chippy sauce. If you are unfamiliar with chippy sauce it's basically cheap brown sauce watered down with malt vinegar and peculiar to Edinburgh.

Anyway, back to the photo-story. I dished up the carbs in one of my favourite formats: I call them frenchy-style potatoes but they are officially known as Fried Potatoes with Garlic and Salt from Real Fast Food. It's super easy: couple of big tatties cubed (I don't bother peeling) and a couple of flattened garlic cloves, fried in a fingers depth of oil for 25 mins or so til golden. DON'T TAKE YOU EYES OFF THEM! Drain on paper and salt liberally. Voila. Mr Slater says to throw away the garlic afterwards, which I don't really understand. Fried garlic = le yum. 

Course the whole meal was simply an excuse to air my sehr schön "I like beer" napkins, a gift from Munich and the current pride of my serviette collection. Danke Stacio!

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  1. Thanks for leaving a link to the festival of broken needles. Wow, that sounds amazing (and rather deep). I don't know a lot about girls' day, but I have discovered just today (through the wonders of the internet) that what is now considered boys' day in may was originally children's day, but only celebrated boys. Girls' day seems to get called dolls' day a lot, so I think maybe another festival has been taken over for girls since they weren't included in children's day? I'm not sure though. My parents gave me a Murikami diary a couple of years ago and I have kept it just because it lists all the Japanese festivals. So much to find out and it all sounds amazing!

    As a vegetarian of some 20 years, I do not feel qualified to comment on this post, but I did have a veggie wurst in Munich some years ago and it was a bit like an IKEA veggie hot dog only much better and washed down with a couple of litres of beer :)