Thursday, 15 July 2010


Time flies when you're having fun but I can't believe it's nearly time already for those Shady Ladies of Glasgow town to head on over east side again! They're bring a merry band of 42 makers form across Scotland together for the festivities as well as a musical matinee from another merry band: The Meat Men.
I'm feverishly making new stuff for the big day and have a hoard of freshly painted egg cups lined up in my studio. I've got more ideas on the brian at the moment than I've man hours to complete them in - yikes.
This time I'll be sharpening my elbows and getting in EARLY at Aunty M's deliciously tempting cake lounge. Last time my great afternoon tea hopes were dashed when I discovered her shelves were bare, long before the appointed perky-pinky hour. I'll just have to bring my own tupper ware this time in order to avoid a repeat. Be warned people: do NOT get in my way where cake is involved!!
Last time I also wished I had a roving camera on CCTV so I could get a fly-on-the-wall-eye-view of all the other wares. There is so much lovelyness to see - leave yourself plenty time to hip-hop and hover!

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