Monday, 16 August 2010

hop-hop this a-way, hop-hop that a-way...

It's been too long I know, but I've so much bottled-up (some quite literally) to share with you I'm planning an action-packed blogoramma this week! Hold onto your seatbelts!!

I had great fun at The MITS Summertime Hop Edinburgh (even briefly had my first ever queue!). had my cake and ate it from Aunty M's (sweet potato and pecan praline) which was well worth the wait (have since squeezed in another slice - more on that later...) and even got the chance to run around the other stalls to bag these two beauties.

I couldn't resist this birthday card which came from Leah Halliday's lovely stash of vintage finds. It's faux-cross-stitched and slightly squinty squares were right up my street and I've got the perfect little frame to pop it in and the perfect little place to hang it...

The brooch is by Laura Donald and I bought it as much for it's beauty as for  the story that came with it. No, not the Mills and Boon one on the very natty home-sewn paper bag but this one: so the story goes, the Isle of Wight plate was a rare charity shop find, carried home in a shopper by Laura's gallant man until it met it's fate upon the 'rocky' shores of their kitchen table. Oops! And so one crafters jetsam became another crafters treasure. The sharp edges are carefully sanded to make it what my Mother called a "limmey" (sp anyone?), a Caithnessian word for a washed-up shard of crockery. 

I love pictures and particularly songs about sailing ships. Here's one of my favourites: Sinking in the Lonesome Sea which Julias' Duaghters will be playing this Friday at Sun Bear on Lorne Street. 

I'll be "Citylink-ing: Smart-thinking" it through to Glasgow the next day for the last ever Made In The Shade SUMMERTIME HOP at The Lighthouse. The gals have much on the go with their newly made-over west end premisies and forthcoming new HQ at The Barras Centre. My-oh-my!


  1. Hey! Was just dropping in to say I saw your wares in the Made In The Shade Maisonette earlier today and they were looking fab. What a nice surprise it was to find my poor-broken-plate brooch featured when I got here :)

    Hope you have a great day at the Lighthouse on Saturday. (I'm sure you will!) I couldn't get time off the day job to go along, so was a bit sad to find out it would be the last one in its current guise. The new plans do sound exciting though, don't they?

  2. Hi Laura, very glad I typed this up yesterday when I was supposed to be sewing shower caps! More on all of that in the next post... I'm really looking forward to Saturday - weekend days off are always hard won from my place of employ too.

    I agree it's very sad that it's the last of the shopping events as we know em' - especially as they are by far the most fun-fairs to do! But amongst all the many other exciting things to come: I hear there are STOVIES near the new venue!