Friday, 9 July 2010

down by the canal

I've lived in Edinburgh for nearly eight years now but in many ways I'm still getting to know the city. After a morning meeting I thought I'd take a slightly different route to my studio last Friday. I knew the canal was nearby and would take me in the right direction although I didn't know where that would lead me...

The Boathouse at Ashley Terrace is home to The Edinburgh Canal Society, one of the partners in the refurbishment of the Union Canal. The Boathouse is so beautiful, full of slightly dilapidated charm and looking  like she's floated in from another world. I think she could be at home in the book I'm loving right now, alongside some little creek re-named Moon River. Anyways, she ain't in Savannah, Georgia but was right under my nose all along. I was delighted to learn you can hire rowboats from within her weather boarded walls on Sunday afternoons: 1 to 5pm, weather permitting.

The canal was so enchanting in the warm summer sun. The banks were overflowing with wildflowers and reeds; full of surprise quacks, scardey-coots* and boats of slightly unaccustomed rowers (*well, they were moorhen chicks actually, if you'll excuse the poetic licence).


It was all too glorious to leave, so I deliberately overshot my exit and carried on to Edinburgh Quay, where there were still decorations and a canal-side exhibition on show from the recent Canal Festival. I loved seeing the paintings together with the backdrop of the brewery. After soaking up the colours of the canal boats I sauntered off to my desk, feeling delighted to have met up with my new acquaintance.

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