Thursday, 15 April 2010

free-flowing frills

1. Desert Button Up from Red Lips Vintage 2. Gingham and Ruffles from mustardseedvintage 3. Dale Evans Red Gingham from VixVintage 4. Ruffled Blouse from MariesVintage 5. Pink Button Up from tobedetermined 6. Prismatique Rainbow from slubird 7. Embroidered Mexican Blouse also from mustardseedvintage 8. Alice Blouse in Silk from ForetLA 9. Little House Blouse by faithfullvintage

It's that time of year when the weather has got just about warm enough for me to start thinking about casting-off my simmet and consider something more (dare I say it...) - summery. I've been looking to Etsy for inspiration. Ok, some of these aren't high-summery but anything where I can ditch the cardi and free up those frills speaks of summer to me. 

My wardrobe has been seriously lacking in refreshment of late although I have high hopes of fashioning some new stuff myself. Not sure I'll even manage Me-Made-May Lite but if I actually manage to make and finish this top it will be a distinct improvement. Stay tuned. 


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  1. cute! thanks for including my blouse, i love all the selections! also, the cake you made in the post below looks delicious!