Monday, 29 March 2010

baby bunting

A very exciting week ended with a brand new person to meet. I'd already planned a visit (and the requisite accompanying cake) but a speedy delivery meant the demerara lemon cake had a whole new celebratory purpose! So I rigged up some baby-sized bunting for the very special occasion. 

Long instructions but easy-peasy really:
I used coloured writing paper: made a 5cm wide strip, and marked 2.5cm sections. Sniped them off and folded in two then trimmed from the edge of the fold to the centre of the open edge.    Scribbled on "boy oh boy" in coloured pencil (both sides), folded them over a piece of embroidery thread and prit-stick-ed. The poles are two bamboo skewers trimmed down (I lightly sanded the ends but this is ridiculous) and given a little notch in the top with a stanley knife (mind you fingers please) tied a little knot on the thread et voila!

I didn't know of the American folk song 'Bye, Baby Bunting' other than its brief mention in Janet and Allan Ahlberg's Each Peach Pear Plum. But I came across it again in Little House on the Prairiewhich I read for the first time last week. I was totally taken by the pioneer spirit and real DIY ethos of Pa and Ma as well as the lovely descriptions of the changing seasons. I heard the geese flying north yesterday and thought of Laura and Mary and the wide-open skies. 


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