Monday, 19 April 2010

put a little bow on it

I found this little cutie pie in The Sentry Box whilst snooping about Glasgow's West End the other week (see some lovely photos of the shop here). I said: "you'll go perfect in my kitchen". She was a steal for mearly 99p and with a little recycled ribbon from my ever growing ribbon box I have a brand new "must bake" reminder on my wall. As if I needed the encouragement.

I am a greedy hoarder of trimmings and things and I'm always a little reluctant to use them up. Surely the purpose of having a stash it being able to dip into it? But no, I just like knowing it's there. Not that my ribbons are all that special - I mostly snip the hanger ties out of my tops! But every so often I tug a bit out and be-ribbon something or other. Here was a bag of Parkhead Humbugs: 

So what is in my cake tin, I here you ask? This bready Breakfast Banana Loaf from BBC Good Food. Without the glaze, it's a good not too sweet one using wholemeal flour making it rather, well - wholesome. I especially like the inclusion of the word "breakfast" it adds a certain justification to having it at any old time of the day (or night). My only issue was with the tin size (when is a pound not 450g?) so have a couple of fairy cake cases ready for the extra mix, I say. Which reminds me...


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