Friday, 19 March 2010

elevenses: marmalade sandwiches and bears from darkest peru

There's nothing quite like marmalade sandwiches in the morning. For me it has to be a mid-morning, between-tasks kind of a snack. It's not a rushing-out-the-door option but something to be savoured. Which I think the most famous advocate of the marmalade sandwich would agree with me on. Not that he was the inspiration for this childhood delicacy, but rather it is a fondness we share in common like duffel coats, wellingtons and I am delighted to discover: wicker shopping trolleys.

Other marmalade related themes:

I've been meaning to try out Dan Lepard's Marmalade Chelsea Buns and get over my fear of yeast baking (there I've said it). I'm currently waiting for an excuse to try them out. 

I'm also looking for an excuse to buy some fabric (on bottom left) which I've been picking up and putting down in John Lewis for the past few months. What's putting me off is that I have no clue what to use it for (kids apron pocket?) and it's also one of those darned expensive crafting cottons. But its got me and given I found it so hard to find on the interweb - I may just have necessitated that buying decision.

All of which reminds me that I photographed this shop  the other day (I'm thinking of starting a series on my favourite Edinburgh shop fronts) and who should I spy in the window but Paddington's Aunt Lucy who also happens to be my calendar-girl for March.

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