Thursday, 7 October 2010

dahlias of york

The other week and at very short notice I paid a visit to the beautiful City of York. I had a wee while to wander before my train home and what wonderful wanderings there were to be had! I came home bearing some much needed buttons, a bargain bag of chutney, a poke of runner beans and sweet perfumed quince and, to cap it all a delightful bunch of dahlias, for the princely sum of one pound!!

Every autumn I plan to treat myself to a bunch but can only ever find them at Morningside prices if you know what I mean - too much to pay for such short lived blooms. The next day they were looking a little weary after their long journey north but I wanted to capture the occasion and got all artsy-fartsy in the process. I love the intensity of their colours and their complex shapes which look to me like folded paper puzzles.

Much more to come about my wanderings ... later. The 'results' have a couple of weeks yet to mature. What shall I get up to in that time? I wonder!

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