Saturday, 18 September 2010

darn good!

I'm looking forward to running a series of three workshops at The Spider and The Fly starting this coming week entitled: Cardi-hole Surgery and Jean-etic Engineering! 

The first two are about fixing up your old hole-y favourites. In week one we'll be concentrating on the knitty-gritty of darning, fashioning fancy patches and making your cardigan wholly-whole (holy hole?!) again.

In week two we'll begin the make-over: trading-in your buttons, adding a little ribbon here or a little embroidery there. As Emily from The Spider and The Fly puts it "make your other cardigans jealous!". I like that!

Then we move onto revitalising your jean-pool by getting your favourite to strides ride again! We'll be looking at a few different patching methods for every wear and tear. My own most tried and tested patching method is for those places that eherm, wear where the sun don't shine...?! Once you've got them bits fixed-up you'll be doing scissor-kicks just to show it off!! 

Here's how I've fixed-up my old faithful in my twelve years tenure with this cosy M&S merino number. ..

Workshops are £15 per session or £40 for all three. Booking essential as places are very limited! Please email or visit The Spider and The Fly at 65 Bread Street. EH3 9AH.

Tea and biscuits will be served. I'm thinking Anzacs...


  1. What great workshop ideas! I have some cardigan oxter darning to do myself, but am just not raising my hands for now until I get round to it.

  2. But once you do Laura I'm sure you'll be finding ways to show your mending-powers off! Running round with a feather duster? Flying a kite?? Hailing taxis???