Friday, 12 March 2010

That spring-timey feeling

I thought I'd share some photos I took on a late afternoon walk last weekend. I wanted to see some snowdrops and wasn't disappointed. We found this tree stump covered in beautiful, frilly fungus - I wonder what it was?

After some online nature-swotting, I think I've identified the lovely yellow catkins which were decorating many trees as hazel catkins. Apparently the yellow ones are the males and sure enough you can just see the little pink bud of the female in the middle of the image above. Yes, you may need a magnifying glass but it's there! 

We are fortunate to live so close to The Braids of Hermitage which never fails to revive you. I was also very excited to find my work included in this Etsy feature which is inspiring me to continue with my spring cleaning efforts. I hope spring is blooming in your neck of the woods!

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