Friday, 5 March 2010

Busy like a bee...

I've had some egg cups patiently waiting in the studio to get painted for several weeks now. I finally got my bee-hind in gear this week to get some ready for the Morningside Makers Market this weekend. I think I was putting the job off - I knew I wanted really neat dots and I knew I'd tried and failed before. Well practice, as they say, makes perfect (so does sand paper and starting again) and I've been having great fun mixing and matching colours and patterns. 

The honey-coloured cup on the far right is finished with the 'spoon oil' I concocted last night. I got the recipe from bricolagelife's post on 3191's post. Spoon oil is a food safe treatment for kitchen utensils. Just  mineral oil and beeswax, it's a doddle to make and leaves your wooden wares beautifully finished. The hardest thing about making it was translating 'mineral oil' which is commonly available over the counter in the UK as liquid paraffin - just don't ask for mineral oil or else you'll leave empty handed. 

I used three 25g blocks of beeswax to 325ml liquid paraffin which made loads. I reckon you could use one block to a 100ml liquid paraffin which you should easily be able to pick-up in most independent pharmacies (Boot's apparently, don't stock it). I'm now going to spoon oil every wooden utensil in the house. Nothing is safe - I'm even eyeing up the clothes horse ... 

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