Thursday, 18 February 2010

Squirrel nuggets

I'm very excited to finally get my greedy paws on this book and get busy with my first batch of sweeties. How could I resist 'squirrel nuggets'? The nut toasting stage filled the kitchen with deliciously nutty smells, cracks and creaks. I had to keep a close eye on the tray as it cooled by the windowsill as our resident commando critters would think nothing of scaling the harling to get a load of free nuts! I never tire of the furry entertainment as we watch our squiggely neighbours descend upon the bird feeder with the most balletic of moves, which always reminds me of this BBC wildlife film.

It was very simple recipe to follow, although when I make them again I think I'd choose a slightly less bitter, erm more suggary chocolate. I took them round to our not-so-furry neighbours but kept one or two for sampling purposes. I think they'll be very good with coffee. I have to get one of these before I attempt some of the other recipes but there's plenty of treats inside that don't require extra equipment.

I've taken to feeding the birds this winter and have been reserving some of our kitchen scraps and concocting variously flavoured gruels which always disappear no matter how un-appetising them may look. I checked out some interweb advice first but pretty much anything goes so long as you rehydrate any dry stuffs first and watch out that you don't attract unwanted pests. On todays menu was a lardy load of past-it xmas pud, tortilla, sausage fat, brown banana, stale porridge oats, oh and forgotten about asparagus (well this is Morningside). I put them on little leaf plates (my Beatrix Potter moment) at various heights so all the wood pigeons, blackbirds, crows and brave blue tits could get a peck before you-know-who scadaddles off with the lot...

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