Monday, 22 February 2010

A good day for the roses ...

I was lucky to get the day off on Saturday and spent it, as I often dream of spending the day, in the kitchen baking at a leisurely pace. I was making a batch of cupcakes to take to a friends 30th in Glasgow that evening and went for, what I might describe as, a sedate disco theme. I actually nicked the idea from a memorable cupcake I enjoyed at Centotre last summer (washed down with a raspberry milkshake) and decorated them with the palest pink buttercream and white jazzies. I like the jazzies, they add the random charm of hundreds and thousands but without the mess, not that I'm opposed to mess y'know, but it would take a lot of practice to get sugar balls on target.

The sorbet colours (officially sorbet, the Guardian says it so) extended to the clothes horse where I had my new cardi airing after a little launder along with my cashmere wristlets. The cardi was an irresistable find on my fist visit to Bicycle Thieves. I'd been thinking of this exact colour and lo-and-behold found it for what was a very reasonable price people. Trust me, I'm a reasonable lady. Anyway, I'm very much in love with the new cardi partiularly in it's freshly pressed and floraly fragant state.

The roses are the hangers-on from the flowers I received last weekend. I'm so glad I caught a photo of them before they fade. It seems wasteful in a way, to cut long stemed flowers so short but I noticed you actually get to see them better, when you look down into them in a small vase. And hopefully it will keep them hanging in there, just a little longer...

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