Thursday, 9 December 2010

barry barras barrow buskers!


I did have fun down the Barras at Supermercado the other week. The bonnie brown and beige striped barrow I borrowed lived up to all my expectations. There's copious storage under the old gal y'know!

It was my first market of the festive season and I took the chance to get out the lovely vintage-style tablecloth I'd snaffled in the Scotstoun Emporium months ago. I lined my old suitcase with the tablecloth and plucked some wind-fallen branches from the cemetery to hang my brand-new decorations upon. I was glad I had the brain-wave to tie my bell-bows from last years at-home decor onto the branch tips which fairly added some pazzaz - if do say so myself! 

They're so simple to do - just thread a ribbon under the wee loop on the back of your standard jingle bell (cutting the ribbon at a jaunty angle helps) and tie a bow either on itself or around whatever needs jingling and you're done - possibly the quickest project ever! My wee battery powered berry lights were reluctant to perform on such a bitterly cold day, but I cajoled them eventually.

Raring to  but experiencing some chilly-weather technical difficulties nonetheless were Julias' Daughters (or Emily and me) as cold weather and metal strings don't mix with frozen fingers and my stinking cold made the high notes a little well, higher. But we had fun and even received a compliment on our cover of Teenager In Love - out first review woohoo! 

If you're shopping in Glasgow over the next couple of weekends be sure to go along for some Christmas cheer(s): mulled cider and HOT GIN COCKTAILS await! And I can't wait to get my gin-soaked paws on the recipe, soon to be appearing on The Made In the Shade blog. Maybe it will be divulged in time for their On-line Chirstmas party

(Thanks to the Shade and their lovely lady photographer for the borrowed photos below!)

P.S. Photographer identified as Gillian from Dapple Photography - thanks Kirtsy!


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