Friday, 10 September 2010

The Floating World

details of Sara MacKillop Jigsaws, 2010

detail of Mary Redmond Handkercheif Club, 2010

detail of Mary Redmond Kano Night Cat, 2010

My Dundee expedition wasn't all pies and pastry. I took in some of the other cultural delights at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

I had no idea what I was going to see, which in retrospect I think may become my new gallery-going strategy as I don't think I've enjoyed taking the time to just wander around an exhibition for quite sometime.  
I really enjoyed the use of colour in both artists work. Sara MacKilliop's found objects came just as they were and I loved the variation of shades in her Jigsaws. I've a bit of a penchant for sugar paper and particularly enjoyed the shade of green in the first photo. 

The light in Gallery 2 was fantastic that afternoon. I believe the St. Ive's Group favoured their base because of the quality of light on the Cornish coast and I think Dundee benefits from something similar. You really see the detail in objects and colour seems more vibrant all of which I think emphasised the tactile and tonal qualities in Mary Redmond's work. I particularly loved the braided and bound Kano Night Cat, not least because it has cat in the title.

The two exhibitions Sara MacKilliop Similar Variance and Mary Redmond The Floating World are on until 10 October. 

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