Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Strawberries, Shortbread and Edinburgh Fog

Unless we're having folks round for tea, or I'm going visiting friends, I don't usually plan ahead puddings. I prefer the kind that can be assembled from the fridge, the fruit bowl and maybe the store cupboard and, incase I happen to fall asleep before I get as far as throwing them together, won't spoil if they have to wait until tomorrow. In short, just the kind advocated by Nigel Slater in Real Fast Puddings

I've realised I've got quite into whipping cream this summer. I should perhaps make that clearer: I'm whipping my double-trouble cream not picking up some quasi some-where-in-between kind-of-a-dairy product. No sir, I like the hard stuff. And it's got to stop at the softly-folding stage too.

This Celebrity Masterchef recipe from Dick Strawbridge got me inspired to try adding a little of my elderflower cordial to some cream for a bowl of late summer strawbs last week. I love the sound of Mr Stawbridge's poached quince, not that I had any but what I did have was deliciously crumbly homemade shortbread trimmings. (And I should share that recipe at some point too...)

Yesterday I did the honourable thing and rescued a punnet of rasps fae Fife from the reduced tray in Waitrose. I dreamt up a cranachan kind of pud but turns out I also dreamt up the oatmeal that was not to be found in the house. Of course, I conked out before I managed to fudge an alternative and I'm glad I did because today I remembered a recipe for Edinburgh Fog which I came across in Good Old-fashioned Summertime Puddings by Sara Paston-Williams. The versions I've looked up online differ slightly from my recollection of the above, most being spiked with Drambuie or whisky but I preffered Ms. Paston -Williams' suggestion of using madeira or sweet sherry. Which I think is rather more Morningside-lady-like, don't you?

Edinburgh Fog for Two: A Recollection...
In a dry pan, toast a tablespoon of flaked almonds until golden and set aside to cool ② Pour some double cream into a bowl. You won't need much 100ml or so but you do need it to be double. Add a tablespoon of Bristol Cream - and don't mind if your hand slips. Oops. Lightly whip into soft folds ③  Rinse your raspberries, shoogle dry and add to the cream with icing sugar to taste Crumble up a few ratafia biscuits, lightly stir to combine and serve topped with the almonds.

Which reminds me of something truly horrendous I saw on my way to work last Sunday which I thought I'd share with you for some cheap entertainment value. If anyone was in any doubt, this is why I feel it's safer to stay indoors and wait for the festival to pass...

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