Friday, 20 June 2014

I had too much to dream last night...

I'm pleased to report I've been busy, busy again: printing, organising, posing. I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing these artist's works come together. If you fancy puckering up for a Pickering's Gin, and eying-up the artwork, do join us this Sunday from 6pm.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

behind the studio door...

I've been organising the Open Studios Weekend for our 'wing' of WASPS which has mostly involved laminating new door signs to my hearts content (fyi: my heart is most content when the laminator is green to go-go). I'm afraid to say the rest of my contribution will be to bravely dust off a few relics in order to decorate my studio. Q: How old is new or how new is old?

I feel like I've been really busy in my studio over the past year and am definitely back in the swing of things (or should that be a cool sachet of the art hips) but apparently I don't yet have a lot to show for it within the physical realm. 

'Slowly, slowly catchy monkey' as they say (or should that be 'softly, softly'?) Anyway do come and see what I've not-done-yet. I'd honestly be highly delighted to see you there. And feel free to feign surprise at seeing something 'OLD' presented as something 'NEW' (rewards for which shall ensue: I'm thinking something between Haribos and Asti Spumante). It's called re-constructed-vintage and it's bang-on trend.  

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

keep my skillet good and greasy...

For Christmas I was lucky to receive the skillet (and I don't exaggerate as I write this) of my dreams. Over the past few years I've got'n right fed up of wobbly pan bottoms and flaky non-stick coatings (non-stick - yur telling me) and have had my mind set on something solidly indestructible. 'The Victor' was that very vision. It's a solid, cast iron, no shit talkin' bit of ironmongery. I could imagine Ma Ingalls or Loretta Lynn making a very happy co-habitation with it. The label said it was pre-seasoned and I went and daftly washed it in soapy water: "Hell no you don't!" (That was Loretta not Mrs Ingalls talking). Little rust spots soon appeared. Having read the label good and proper and a heap of somewhat contradictory internet advice, I bought myself some Trex and smoked the house out in the process. Next time I'll turn the pan upside down in the oven whilst seasoning and open the windows. 

I inaugurated our skillet last weekend with Lorne sausage and fried eggs and boy did they turn out just fine. I can tell we are gonna be good friends. Cleaning is now done with a still warm pan, hot water only and a soft scourer before towel drying. There she is hanging-up with my new oven mitts (£2.95 each, in the Anthropologie sale) and Poachpods. I'm a little wary of new fangled kitchen gadgetry but I'd been eyeing these up these silicone egg-poachers for hmm, a couple of years. They eventually made it onto my Santa list and were gratefully received. We now own four. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

chocolate marshmallow rice crispie pizza cake, anyone?

"So now I'm back, from outerspace! You just walked in to find me here with chocolate-marshmallow-rice-crispie-pizza-cake upon my face!! I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key, if I had known for just one second..."

Oh, well hello there! My apologies for the break in transmission, can it really have been nearly two months? Yowzers. Well the excuse is I've been a busy bee, but instead of dancing to the beat of my own buzzy tune, I've have been hanging out in another hive of activity. Ok perhaps I should turn the disco music off, and stop speaking in riddles. 

So what the hell's that you say?! Well the above cake-ular monstrosity was made several weeks ago for a just-turned-four-year-old. As her Mum was telling me the menu the nearly-4-year-old had requested for her bday tea ("Lollypops, jelly beans, marshmallows, candy floss..." Eh, nothing savoury Rosie? "Yeh, pizza and pom bears.") I had a little idea... 

The Sweetie Pizza, which I admit sounds disgusting but to my own surprise, was really rather nice. I used the favourite crispie treats recipe for the base which I squished into my Le Creuset clafoutis dish (mine's teal and was a Christmas present) to form the pizza base, topped with Nutella (keeping it continental y'know), scattered with Jelly Belly beans (accept no impostors people), yoghurt dipped banana chips (a mozzarella shaped substitute), glacé cherries (could've gone un-sulphured but compositionally, it required something terrifyingly lurid), desiccated coconut (look, I can spell desiccated!) and for an extra bit of protein (although that's not yet been corroborated by medical evidence) Monty Bojangles White Chocolate Mice (if you have never tried them I can vouch for them as both marvellous and minxy).

Of course in order to maintain the illusion it had to come served in a pizza box, generously donated by the Comiston Fry, and was hidden until pudding time, in the oven of the Birthday Girl's brand new toy kitchen. I don't think she ate any pizza cake on the day but her Mum and I put a hefty dent in it and no, we weren't sick on our party frocks. 

Friday, 29 April 2011

Grassmarket Festival

Hey folks don't forget The Grassmarket Festival is here this weekend. Ok, so blogger has trimmed the poster squint but look there are my little egg cups! Saturday and Sunday this little NIGHT OWL shall be in attendance, 12 o'clock to 8pm in the cities Grassmarket. It's my first out door do' with the full shebang - so I really hope no little raindrops come visiting!

It would be lovely to see you there - rain, hail or shine!

on the weekend...

I had a lovely time last weekend selling my stuff and generally blethering my head off to any passer by. I was at the Out of the Blue Arts Market last Saturday. The night before I grabbed a couple of stems of cherry blossom or 'sakura' to decorate my stall and ended up trailing a stream of blossom confetti all the way there.

I think the rain on the day may have put a few folk off but it certainly didn't deter the punters for the food stalls which started ahead of the arts market. Once the first rush had died down things were quite relaxed which meant that I had lots of time to get chatting and enjoy some interesting, informative and entertaining conversations:

• A lady who works at the Drill Hall Café came by to say that the shower cap she'd bought from me at Christmas went down very well with her friend. "She wears it all the time!" she said. "I mean - not just in the shower!!" Now that's what I like to hear.

• A wee boy came past, asking how much of my merchandise I'd actually made myself: 
HIM: "Did you make that? And that?!"
ME: "Yes, yes I made it all!"
HIME: "And those? Did you make them?" (pointing at my jug a pheasant-eye lilies)
ME: "Well no, you've got me there." 
HIM: "Hmm. Do you do anything without flowers on?"
ME: "Eh... well, um, not really."
HIM: "Could you make me one of them without flowers on?" (pointing at my Dotty Miss Daisy tablecloth)
ME: "Yeah, I could do that. What would you want on it instead?"
HIM: "H.F.C."
ME: "Is that Hearts?"
HIM: (with steely glare) "No, HIBS!"

• A lady picked up one of my wildwood flower brooches. I told her I thought it was a primrose. "No it's a cowslip which is why I'm going to buy it!". Apparently, (I did not know this) a primrose is a cultivated cowslip so of course I have now re-titled my brooch. She went on to tell me a lovely story about her Grandmother, who used to post a biscuit tin of cowslips to her mother each spring. She said the place where her Grandmother picked them has no cowslip left in it anymore. I loved her story and told her my own similar one as my Aunty used to post a posy of snowdrops to my Mum in an empty Silk Cut packet. The snowdrops wrapped in damp tissue would come out a little bedraggled but would soon perk up after a wee drink and possibly some fresh air. 

On Sunday I was at the Collective for the Craft Sunday Market with A Wooden Tree and Annabel Bartle. I've known Kirsty since I've been doing craft fairs and Annabel and I worked together on this project, four years ago. It was great to see them both and have a right good natter. Although I did so much nattering I forgot to take more photos of their lovely wares!

We were asked to give a poster to advertise our stalls in the lead up to the market. That's my effort at the back there. I couldn't get any pegboard so I drilled my own. Yes I'm mad.

You can see I grabbed a couple of stray narcissi from the park on my way by too.

I loved our tables which were assembled from plastic drinks crates on loan from Barrs. They were quite tall and just the perfect height for getting a good eyeball at everything! 

Course I also got the chance to try out The Feral Trade Café. Oh yeah! I'm gonna have to tell you abut that later but I'll be ticking off all the items on the menu over the next few weeks let me tell you!

If you are interested in getting involved with the markets over the next few weeks contact: 

The dates are:

 Sunday 1 May - Artist's Multiples 
Sunday 8 May - Illustration 
Sunday 15 May - Publications 
Sunday 22 May -  Anything goes

How to turn the world by hand runs until 29th May at Collective, 22-28 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

marketing mix...

It's good to get oot 'n' aboot in the springtime and a busy bunny I shall be!

This Saturday I'll be taking my NIGHT OWL wares to The Out of The Blue Arts Market. I'll have new egg cups, shower caps, tablecloths and Easter bows to show off!

On Sunday, I'll be at the Collective's Sunday Market, from 11am - 4pm on Cockburn Street. Looking forward to catching up with Annabel and Kirsty 'Wooden Tree' and trying out the Feral Trade Café

But if you are busy this week end coming fear not! I'm also taking a stall at on Saturday 30th and Sunday 1st May at The Grassmarket Festival. This is a bit of an experiment - I've never taken my wares out of doors - eek! Let's hope the drip-drip-drop of April showers have left us by then tho' a few dew-drops might be nice!